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Alcor Zest D740 Tablet

Android features

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Multitasking operating system
  • Multi-language OSD
  • Linux-based kernel
  • Wi-Fi wireless internet support
  • System can be expanded by installing third party applications from Goolgle Play store (applications may be subject to additional licensing fees)
  • Webkit-based internet browser
  • E-mail and calendar applications
  • Voice search
  • Widgets
  • Third party applications may be installed from Google Play Store or external files using Application Installer
  • Live (animated) wallpapers
  • Text entry using on-screen keyboard
  • Improved lock screen
  • Improved GUI and UX
  • Improved copy and paste functionality
  • Improved notifications

Techical specifications and features are subject to change without prior notification! Functions and features are subject to change after firmware upgrade!


  • The manufacturer does not guarantee compatibility (operation and/or bus power) with all USB devices and assume no responsibility for any loss of data that may occour when connected to this unit. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to create and maintain backups of any important data.
  • It may take longer for the system to read the contents of a USB drive with large amounts of data.
  • Some USB devices may not be properly recognised.
  • Playback of some of the files - even if they are in supported formats - is not supported due to different codecs and codec settings. Supported file formats are for reference only and they are subject to change without prior notification after firmware upgrade!
  • The manufacturer does not guarantee or is not responsible for the correct operation or usage of any third party application.

  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • User's manual