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Product categories
A tablet is too small, a notebook is too expensive? Choose from our cloudbooks that are easy to expand with a HDD or SSD. They are easy to carry and their pre-installed Windows 10 Home OS would make them the perfect companion for work, school or leisure.
We take care of those who need a reliable, easy-to use device for keeping contact with their family and friends. Our mobile phones are easy to operate while having numerous convenient functions without the complicacy of a smartphone.
Smart watches and activity trackers are perfect for tracking our everyday activities: whether it⑑s walking, working out or sleeping. They continuously monitor and record activity data which can be later checked on a smartphone using the companion app. Additional extra functions make sure that you⑑ll get the maximum out of your day.
VR glasses open a whole new world of virtual reality. When used together with smartphones, Alcor VR glasses provide astonishing experience as taking you into an imaginary world. Try this awesome 3D experience!
Tablet PC is cutting edge new category in IT word. These small and easy to use devices provide mobile Internet access, support wide range of multimedia files and offer additional functions.
Digital TV (DVB-T) a huge leap in the world of media. Using the new technologies broadcasts can be enjoyed in brilliant quality and with a lot of additional services. Alcor receivers with state-of-the-art technology are among the first that provide these possibilities.
E-Book readers reveal the new dimension of reading. We could carry up to a thousand of books or documents in several different formats and they can be read anytime, anywhere.
Extreme sports, diving or just a motorcycle tour, our cameras are always ready to capture the experience.
The portable emergency charger helps your device to be at your service any time. Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, sportcam, camera, MP3 player or navigation, the Alcor emergency chargers ensure proper power supply to any device in your work or travel.
Choose Alcor⑑s universal accessories that may enable new, extensive functions or multimedia support when attached to your favorite device.
You can convert your regular TV set into a smart TV in seconds with the Android-based mini PC. You can watch movies in HD, browse the internet with ease and choose from millions of applications available at the Play Store.
Car navigation products (PNA) aren\'t luxury products anymore. The Alcor GPS devices are affordable for everybody, however, they are high quality in every aspects. Nowadays these useful and entertaining travel companions not only can save time and energy but they are essential car accessories as well.
The sophisticated design, perfect sound quality, unique services and outstanding reliability are the most important aspects of Alcor portable music and video players. We always strive to implement the latest technologies and developments when designing our MP3/MP4 players.
Portable game consoles are getting more and more popular around the world. Alcor\'s game console is aimed at the quality entertainment and user-friendly operation. Besides these, they improve dexterity, logic and quick thinking.
Digital photo frames will replace regular photo frames in the 21st century. We can watch our favorite pictures whenever we like and they even save us the costs of printing them, so they are practical too. Wide range of features, perfect quality and competitive price tag are the strong points of Alcor digital photo frames.