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Discontinued products
Super slim design, lightning-fast processor, capacitive touch-screen with great sensitivity, support for 3D games, 3G mobile network capabilities and full HD video output: Alcor Ace, simply entertaining!
Alcor Clip MP5 with large 4.3\" LCD touchscreen, TV out and remote controller could easily be the favorite choice of movie enthusiasts.
One small device that can hold up to 1000 books and supports various multimedia files: Alcor Poet is a magnificent device for reading enthusiasts.
Beauty and functionality, supreme experience of music and pocket movie ⑑ these are what Alcor Skin MP5 player with touch screen grants.
The goal of the Alcor game appliances is entertainment of high standard, morover develop skills and logical sense.
Art is definitely a high-end device due to its extra quality parameters, yet has a very competitive price.
Alcor One is a 7\" digital photo frame with an eye-appealing design that was born to replace the traditional photo albums.
Alcor DTV Conax is a real world-exclusive product, the only USB sized MPEG4 HD DVB-T receiver with built-in Conax reader.
Alcor Next perfectly integrates everything that users would require of a digital photo frame.
Alcor Vox has everything that is expected from a real MP3 player in these days - even a little more.
Meet will guide to your destination safely and will make sure that no appointment will be missed.
Meet XL is a real skillful top-medium category GPS device.
Zed is a stylish and elegant MP3/MP4 device. It has an extra slim (8.3 mm) metal body and 2.4⑝ TFT LCD with 260.000 colors and great contrast.
Lux is Alcor⑑s exclusive model and thanks to the wide range of features it is a perfect pocket-sized multimedia entertainment device with a lot of unique features.