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DVB-T, DVB-C receivers
Digital TV (DVB-T) a huge leap in the world of media. Using the new technologies broadcasts can be enjoyed in brilliant quality and with a lot of additional services. Alcor receivers with state-of-the-art technology are among the first that provide these possibilities.
With an existing DVB-C subscription and Alcor HDC-3500 DVB-C set-top box, you can watch and record unencrypted DVB-C channels with ease. The device also works as a HD media player.
Alcor Wizard is unique, MindigTV extra compliant DVB-T receiver + recorder + multimedia player + Android PC at the same time.
Alcor DTV Conax is a real world-exclusive product, the only USB sized MPEG4 HD DVB-T receiver with built-in Conax reader.
DVB-T receiver certified by MindigTV, recorder and multimedia player ⑑ all packed into a small box, with two years warranty to sweeten the deal.
The Alcor HD-2500 is a small, new generation DVB-T set top box with sensitive tuner, PVR functions and updated multimedia playback capabilities.
Alcor HD-600S is a compact DVB-T receiver with PVR and multimedia playback capabilities. It is easy to connect to any TV set, thanks to the built-in EUROSCART connector of the device.