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Tablet PC
Tablet PC is cutting edge new category in IT word. These small and easy to use devices provide mobile Internet access, support wide range of multimedia files and offer additional functions.
Universal tablet case for 7” and 8” tablets, with built-in Bluetooth keyboard.
He came to Canaan: Alcor Access Q787I - beautiful IPS display, muscular four-core CPU and plenty features: 3G, GPS, Bluetooth.
Bring close the Internet, navigating and entertained. The Access D786M always be with you.
Alcor Access the swiss army knife of tablets - dual core CPU, GPS, mobile phone, 3G Internet, Bluetooth and even FM radio - has solution for everything.
Zest Q813IX is the twin brother of Q813I. Trendy, lightning-fast, fantastic, almost undepletable – and available in black color, too.
Zest Q813I is the latest star of Alcor's Gem series - a tablet without compromise. Trendy, blazing-fast, fantastic, precise and a long-lasting battery - you have to try it to believe it!
Universal keyboard case for 7" tablets with leather-like finish. Full hungarian keyboard layout. Rugged, 5-point fixing.