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Tablet PC
Tablet PC is cutting edge new category in IT word. These small and easy to use devices provide mobile Internet access, support wide range of multimedia files and offer additional functions.
Thanks for the 10mm thickness it⑑s easy to carry, so you can take it with you anywhere. The 1280 Ñ 800 IPS display provides crystal-clear visual experience. Quad-core CPU ensures excellent performance and speed. Up to 3 hours of working time, thanks to the 6000 mAh built-in battery.
The new, easy to use and ergonomic 7⑝ model has arrived! We packed our Alcor Access Q784C tablet into a thin shell with rounded edges so its brilliant IPS display would provide even more prominent visual experience. We created a tablet with fast processing power with Android 6 operating system (upgradable to Android 7). The built-in 3G and GPS guarantees mobile experience without compromise.
Alcor's Access Q114M 10⑝ IPS tablet is a perfect compromise between portability and a display that provides life-like visual experience. Equipped with the tablet-optimized Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS as well as built-in 3G, GPS and cellular phone functions, the device provides unlimited entertainment possibilities for the customers.
Well equipped 10.1⑝ tablet for an active lifestyle. You can browse the internet, read your e-mails, access your cloud storage or make phone calls thanks to the wide range of wireless options: 3G, GPS, Dual SIM and Wi-Fi. Its conveniently large size and high-contrast 1280 Ñ 800 IPS screen also makes it a perfect choice for watching movies or digital photos.
The new Alcor Zest Q880S tablet offers utter entertainment experience, thanks to its 8⑝ IPS display, front and back cameras and battery life up to 3 hours.
A conveniently portable 7⑝ IPS tablet with quad-core CPU, built-in 3G and dual SIM card readers that allows you to make phone calls or access the internet anytime, anywhere ⑑ up to 3 hours long.
Enhance and try Alcor⑑s new 10,1 inch tablet, Alcor Access Q111M! Convenient use for up to 4 hours without the need to charge the built-in battery, so you can fully utilize the built-in GPS, 3G and Bluetooth features.
This white 8⑝ tablet made for customers who prefer simple and clear product design, and it is an ideal companion for travels thanks to the built-in GPS.
A conveniently portable 7⑝ IPS tablet with quad-core CPU, built-in 3G and dual SIM card readers that allows you to make phone calls or access the internet anytime, anywhere ⑑ up to 3 hours long.
An 8⑝ tablet equipped with IPS display and an outstanding octa-core CPU. Not only fascinates with its lightning-fast performance and latest Android 4.4.2 OS, but is also packed with other extra functions: GPS, 3G and cellular phone functionality and built in cameras (2 and 5 mpixels) with special features. Octacular!
Real hit products, not only versatile, but affordable as well. It's all we need. Quad core CPU, IPS display, 3G, GPS, BT, FM radio, and even can be used as a mobile phone.
Jump to a new dimension! Alcor Access O719R impressive mobile and tablet in one: Full HD LTPS display, 8-Core CPU, 8MP AF camera...
He came to Canaan: Alcor Access Q787I - beautiful IPS display, muscular four-core CPU and plenty features: 3G, GPS, Bluetooth.
Bring close the Internet, navigating and entertained. The Access D786M always be with you.
Compact size with 7.85" display, modern design, lightning-fast quad-core processor and Android 4.2 at an unbeatable price ⑑ meet Q883H, the newest member of Alcor's Zest family.
As the little brother of the excellent Q933R model, Zest D714I knows almost everything than its bigger brother. Fast processor, brilliant IPS display and plenty of storage.
The first member of Alcor's high-end Gem series: enchanting razor-sharp display, dazzling quad-core processor and two-year warranty for satisfication.