At the dawn of the universum the seething, rotating substance slowly formed and the cosmic forces and will had created the stars. One of them in the pole of the Great Bear has the name: Alcor. This kind of creating will and creative force brought Alcor to life.

Even though it is a young brand, with a wide range of various consumer electronic and multimedia devices helps growing the fame and popularity of the brand. Alcor is known about the beautiful product design, ergonomic user interfaces, innovative solutions, reliable quality and last but not least: affordable price. But Alcor is not only a collection of products. It is a technical and commercial philosophy which committed to the customers. It is because the product have a strong background with strong support, localization, various services and quality repair center, so the Alcor brand could represent everything .

Because we at Alcor believe that precise and persistent work, faith in products and new technologies, and understanding and serving customer needs will award Alcor with customer trust and appreciation.

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  • 9 year
  • 125 products
  • 1M pcs
  • 500+ stores


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